The American Neuromuscular Foundation relies on dedicated volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors and committees. The Board of Directors is responsible for the foundation's strategic planning, policy creation, financial oversight, and executive director supervision. The foundation's committees help achieve its mission to improve the quality of patient care and advance the science of nerve and muscle diseases.

Board of Directors

Dianna Quan, MD
Faye Tan, MD
Robert Irwin, MD
Devon Rubin, MD
Samuel Bierner, MD
Michael Cartwright, MD
Laura Corrigan, MD
Monika Krzesniak-Swinarska, MD
John Morren, MD
Benjamin Warfel, MD
Anthony Chiodo, MD
Shirlyn Adkins, JD
Shelly Jones, CAE, CPPM
Michael Skolka, MD
Amber Vocelle, DO, PhD


The board is assisted by the following: