Stephanie Harvey Receives 2023 Technologist Best Abstract Award

Published August 18, 2023

Stephanie Harvey, EMG technologist in the Department of Neurology with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston, has been awarded the 2023 Technologist Best Abstract Award for her abstract, “A Survey of Nerve Conduction Technologist’s Role in EMG Labs.”

Motivated by the busy environment of their EMG lab, Ms. Harvey and her team sought to explore the impact of nerve conduction technologists on productivity, as perceived by EMG physicians. “We are a very busy EMG lab in a tertiary medical center. On a daily basis, we see a range of simple cases (carpal tunnel syndrome) to very complex cases (such as motor neuron disease and complex neuropathies),” she explained. “To our knowledge, there are no published standards for EMG lab productivity and the roles of technologists specifically in the EMG lab. We disseminated the survey hoping to understand the roles of technologists in EMG labs throughout the field.”

Their findings revealed that 76% of respondents believed the inclusion of nerve conduction technologists enabled them to see a greater number of patients. Emphasizing the value of these professionals in EMG labs, Ms. Harvey stated, “We hope that EMG labs recognize that nerve conduction technologists are an asset. Career growth and continuing education for nerve conduction technologists should be emphasized.”

She is grateful for the support of her colleagues, and thanked them for helping her learn about the science behind nerve conduction technologists. “My partner in the EMG lab, Yuri Salas, has taught me a lot and played a big role in my training. I work with a team of neuromuscular specialists, including Drs. Suur Biliciler, Kristin Brown, Thy Nguyen, Rajesh Gupta, Sri Sista, and Kazim Sheikh who are great at what they do and are always eager to answer any questions I have,” she said.

Ms. Harvey expressed surprise, honor, and newfound inspiration upon receiving the award. She said, “I feel very honored and inspired to win this award. It makes me feel excited about future projects and learning. I started in this field about 6 years ago, and I recently took the ABEM CNCT Examination and became certified. I’ve enjoyed the process of learning the physiology of nerve conductions. It makes my job more satisfying to understand what we do for patients and how it applies on a deeper level.”

Looking ahead, Ms. Harvey hopes to expand her NCS knowledge and skills and participate in further research focused on nerve conduction techniques.