Karissa Gable, MD

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina

2019 Research Fellowship

  • $60,000 for 1 year fellowship salary
  • $10,000 for Fellow tuition to support formal education in clinical research methodology
  • Complimentary AANEM Annual Meeting registration for Fellow to present completed research
  • $1,500 for Fellow to attend the AANEM Annual Meeting when the research is presented

Project Title

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Research Fellowship

Project Summary

Dr. Gable used this funding to further understanding of CIDP. Her study aimed to define the pattern of immune regulatory cell pathology in CIDP. Dr. Gable performed comprehensive immune phenotyping of Treg and B10 cells in order to identify mechanisms and signatures of inflammatory autoimmune responses observed in patients with CIDP. 

"I feel there remain unanswered questions with respect to the underlying immune mechanism driving this neuropathy, and that further understanding how the disease process works could potentially help guide treatment regimens as well as expectations for prognosis," Dr. Gable said of her study.